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About Primecover

An established and expanding company, our Managing Director and staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the ever growing market of Insurance. Based in Bolton Town Centre, Primecover specialises in Property Insurance, both Residential & Commercial...

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Commercial Property Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Unoccupied Insurance and Business Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Our wealth of expertise in commercial property insurance means you can be assured that you are getting the right policy to suit your needs. We have many markets for this kind of risk, and can offer portfolio policies for those landlords who own more than one property. We can offer a range of cover, starting with basic cover, right through to additional perils. Commercial Property can be complex to insure, but our specialists will find out exactly what you require from your insurance policy, and ensure you have the correct cover in place.

Landlord Insurance

Our range of landlord insurance policies span from residential homes to  commercial properties. We can offer portfolios for multiple properties, with discounts for professional tenants. We look for the right kind of cover for your needs, and listen to what you want from your policy. We offer a dedicated service from inception, and in the event of a claim, we will support at much or as little as you would like us to.

Unoccupied Insurance

We have a wealth of markets that we can look at in terms of unoccupied properties. Our markets generally offer three levels of cover, so that you can tailor the policy to your demands and needs. Additional cover can be opted for to ensure you have peace of mind when insuring your unoccupied property.

Business Insurance

When you run your own business, you don’t want to be worrying about having the right kind of Insurance. At Primecover we look at your business and can advise on all policies you may need, ranging from Liability cover to ensuring you have cover for your buildings. We can offer package policies to encompass all your needs. Plus, if you work from Home or have an internet based business, we can also provide cover for these too.