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Primecover News 19th December 2007
How much can I afford to borrow? How can I tell which mortgage rate is best? What is the best type of mortgage for me? How should I repay it? Can I make...Read More >
Primecover News 3rd December 2007
Tips for success in letting property. Location, location, location. This is one of the most important factors a tenant will look for. Desirable properties are conveniently located for public transport,...Read More >
Primecover News 23rd November 2007
HIPs extended to 1 and 2 bed properties. The government has announced that the deadline for the final roll-out of Home Information Packs will be 14th December. From this date...Read More >
Primecover News 9th November 2007
Landlords still positive with the buy-to-let market. Although there has been much talk about the effects of the credit crunch on the UK property market, investors who are looking...Read More >
Primecover News 3rd October 2007
Legal Expenses/Rent Guarantee Tenant can’t, won’t pay the rent? Fact - 85% of private UK landlords have mortgages supporting their investment. The interest still has to be paid, even when...Read More >
Primecover News 8th May 2007
Buying a property at auction? Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to insure once the gavel falls as that is when the contract is made. Don’t worry though you can always...Read More >