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Primecover News 28th August 2009
Flood warning - protect yourself now. It may be myth or it may be fact that we are experiencing the effects of global warming but there is one fact...Read More >
Primecover News 29th July 2009
Why is the cost of insurance going up? Charging customers the right premium for the risk we’re covering is a big part of making sure we offer financial protection...Read More >
Primecover News 6th July 2009
Directors and officers InsuranceSmall to medium-sized enterprises (SME) need directors’ and officers’ (D&O) cover. It’s not only large listed companies that need to worry. The legislative changes that have been...Read More >
Primecover News 28th May 2009
In early 2006, it was found that illicit cannabis cultivations had become a significant problem. A number of large-scale cultivations were identified within both residential and commercial premises. Since the...Read More >
Primecover News 29th April 2009
Over two thirds were affected by the 2007 summer floods and many of them inundated by surface water runoff or over-loaded drainage systems rather than swollen rivers. Continued urban expansion,...Read More >
Primecover News 26th January 2009
Latest statistics show that a credit crunch crimewave has hit Britain with one family every 2 minutes suffering the misery of burglary. Don’t become a victim? Make sure all doors and...Read More >