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Primecover News 17th December 2010
The purchase of Christmas gifts can substantially increase the value of home contents and homeowners should ensure they have both appropriate security and adequate insurance coverage. Most home insurance policies...Read More >
Primecover News 10th December 2010
Did you know that general Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) will increase from 5% to 6% from the 4th January 2011? Plus on travel policies, it will increase from 17.5% to...Read More >
Primecover News 3rd December 2010
As winter approaches and temperatures are dropping, it is so important to keep your pipes safe from the cold. Axa Insurance says that burst pipes, caused by water freezing...Read More >
Primecover News 26th November 2010
Cars in this situation are tempting targets for thieves, who are increasingly on the lookout for such opportunities.In addition to the immediate problem of having lost your car, leaving...Read More >
Primecover News 19th November 2010
It would appear that winter is well and truly underway now, judging by the extreme weather conditions recently experienced in the UK. The cold, wet, windy weather doesn’t seem...Read More >
Primecover News 5th November 2010
If you are planning to have a few friends around, it is always important to check your Insurance documents. For example, check the “duty of care” clause on your household...Read More >
Primecover News 29th October 2010
Insurers estimate that insurance claims for malicious damage to property could triple after All Hallows’ Eve. Among other home insurance claims, in the past Insurers have receive insurance claims for...Read More >
Primecover News 22nd October 2010
With the lovely British summer now behind us, we are now looking towards the winter months with trepidation, probably wondering what kind of weather it will bring. From an Insurance...Read More >
Primecover News 10th September 2010
Organisations are being urged to register without delay with the Environment Agency (EA), for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), or else face financial penalties and possible...Read More >
Primecover News 27th August 2010
Over 85% of students will be leaving home and moving into some form of rented accommodation/shared houses in September. The majority of them will not be insured for their personal...Read More >